The coaching space with 2 chairs Veerle Peeters with a brown jacket resting her head on her fist
The best project to work on is you.

As Executive Coach & Business Mentor, I help CEO's of fast changing organizations to discover blind spots and to take the right strategic decisions, while staying aligned with their mission and ethical values.

Coaching the world's greatest business leaders is a deliberate choice: by working together we increase and accelerate the positive impact you have on your company, environment and society. Through our collaboration, you will find the best way to build the right people strategy, to inspire and lead your organization through growth or change and to reach your full potential as an executive.

Curious to find out more about my Executive Leadership Program? Read more about it . Very quickly, Veerle saw patterns I was unaware of. She offers not just a sounding board but also brings me to new insights and helps me to strengthen my leadership. As a result, I am more self confident, can move faster and have a bigger impact. For more than 20 years, I have built up expertise in business strategy, change and leadership. For more info about me, go .