Veerle Peeters sitting in the coaching space wearing a white jacket and an animal print blouse with an abstract art piece behind her

About Veerle Peeters

After graduating as Master in Philosophy (University of Ghent), it did not take me that long to realize that my true passion lies in developing human capital and in creating a positive impact on the business strategy design and execution.

Over the past 20 years I have held several management positions in the domain of Human Resources, for different companies and industries (Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Healthcare, Automotive, Real Estate...), national, international and global companies, listed, family held, private equity held...

More and more often I had a seat in the company's management team, working with some great leaders. I was involved in important organizational changes and in mergers & acquisitions (acquired or acquiring side), working on transformation and integration. These experiences accelerated my business insight and helped me to develop a helicopter view.

Some of the companies I worked for are Omega Pharma/Perrigo, Napoleon Games, RAFC, Xior, Barry Callebaut, Beaulieu, Indigo Park Belgium, ...

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As a true believer in life-long learning, I continuously invest in my own personal development. Some examples:

  • several coaching trainings and sessions, e.g. with Dr Marshall Goldsmith

  • trainings on competence and personality tests and assessments

  • Strategic Reward Management at Vlerick Business School

  • webinars and trainings on Sustainability, ESG, CSR & DEI

  • Career Intelligence Accelerator Program with Dr Tanvi Gautam of LeaderSHIFT Inc

  • Cognitive-behavorial Coaching at Perco

In addition to regular trainings, I am a book fanatic with a special love for science and evidence-based management. I am also fascinated by the wonders of the human brain and continue to study the field of giftedness — a topic of great relevance in executive coaching as many executives are highly gifted and as a result face some specific challenges.

Veerle is an intelligent person with high integrity, who has the ability to assess and analyze situations, to think ahead and see the bigger picture. She is also a great listener. I see Veerle as my trusted advisor, guide and coach. With her help I have made decisions that have helped me not only to thrive professionally but also to be more in sync with my ethical values.
A close-up of Veerle Peeters' arm with 2 bracelets, one with an orange heart in the back and a golden one with a purple heart in front

Having a positive impact on society

As a philosopher, leaving a legacy on an ethical level has always been part of my journey. Currently, I am actively engaged in two projects to make this world a better place:

  • Plan International parent

  • Berrefonds volunteer

Our Plan International child sponsorship originated from the desire my husband and I shared to raise our children with a sense of humility and generosity to those who are born in dire circumstances.

After the sudden loss of our second son Mees* (2008-2018) Berrefonds provided some very valuable support to us as parents, to our oldest son, our family and friends. We are very grateful to the Berrefonds team, which mostly consists of volunteers. Our wish is that they can be there for all those grieving the loss of a child and continue the much needed work that they do. Apart from financial donations, I also help as a volunteer and provide career coaching to parents who lost a child.