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Executive Leadership Program (full year):

You are an Executive and relate to the following:

  • You hold an impactful position but realize that you can bring a lot more added value to your company, for the industry in which you operate or for society in general.

  • You miss a neutral sparring partner who can bring out your blind spots and give you new insights.

  • You started as an entrepreneur or have moved up the corporate ladder, have a strong track record, but would like to reflect and work on your own personal development in a safe environment, built on scientific insights.

  • You prefer to move forward rapidly while keeping up with your long-term vision and would like to avoid growing pains.

  • You feel lonely at the top and miss being challenged at the right level.

  • You want to sync your professional life with your personal values and mission because you realize it has a big impact on your private life, your well-being and happiness.

That is where I come in with my Executive Leadership Program...

Throughout this program, we work on the following topics, customized to your needs and desires:

  • Business Strategy & Transformation

    We look at your business, its vision and mission. We reflect on the challenges it faces and how you can future-proof it.
    Are you scaling it up? Making it ready for a take-over or looking to acquire and integrate another business? Do you want to preserve the DNA of the company you founded or helped build? Or maybe looking to make a big shift?
    I help you uncover fears and blind spots that are holding you back. I help you to connect the dots and learn how to fast-track to the right business decisions. We also look into topics like growing pains or loss of value and work on ways to prevent or mitigate risks linked to changes.

  • Executive Leadership

    We focus on developing your leadership competencies to bring out your full potential and maximize the potential of the organization(s) you lead. Do you want to fully master the executive leadership skills that are needed to achieve the right impact on your organization, business, shareholders and board of directors?
    In a safe and trustful setting, we map your competencies and seek development areas. Together, we develop your personal action plan, aiming to give you a competitive advantage in the market.

  • Personal leadership

    Together, we design the executive career path of your dreams.
    As an executive, you know that constructive peer feedback or zones of proximal development are simply more scarce at this level. But why depend on the opportunity to learn from others, when you can accelerate your own personal growth?
    Guided by science based tools and models, we take a deep dive into topics like competencies, giftedness, personality, your personal values and motivational drivers. Based on a holistic view, we keep an eye on physical and mental health along the way, ensuring your career path is sustainable, meaningful and fulfilling.

This annual program includes:

  • 10 - 12 sessions with a starting hour but no end time

  • WhatsApp support: in between our sessions, you can easily reach me to guide you.

  • Access to my extended network of high quality business partners and experts to help you save time, money and not miss out on opportunities for growth.

  • Revision of your drafts and personalized recommendations

  • Customized delivery of additional materials and frameworks

As a bonus, I follow up on the latest research in science and evidence based management. I scan the market for tools. I proactively share new insights with you. That way, you can easily implement them in your daily practice, helping you to perform at top level.

Veerle has my back. Even in between sessions I can easily tap into her experience and knowledge. Her support feels like a compass in my pocket.

To be able to provide you with top quality coaching, I limit the places for this program to seven executives per year.

Do you want to find out how my program can be a game changer for you?